Code of By-Laws (February 25, 2002)

Ordinance 2023-3Amending Rates and Charges
2023-3 RatesComparison of Rates Pre-2023-3 and After 2023-3

Ordinance 2012-1Amending Miscellaneous Fees
Resolution 2012-1Sewer Availability Fees Elimination

Petition 2011Petition to reduce size of Board
Resolution 2011-1Water Availability Fee Eliminated
Ordinance 2011-1Establishing Miscellaneous Fees

Petition 2010Petition to Remove Area
Resolution 2010-1General Policies

Ordinance 2010-3Removal of Territory
Ordinance 2010-2WWTP Parcel Sale
Special Rate PolicySpecial Rate Policy for Payment and Collection

Resolution 2009-1Signatory Authorization
Resolution 2009-2Preliminary Engineering Report(PER) Approval

Ordinance 2009-1Funding of Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities
Ordinance 2009-2Amending the Schedule of Water Rates and Charges
Ordinance 2009-4Amending the Schedule of Sewage Rates and Charges

Resolution 2008-1Continuing Operation of JNRU
Resolution 2008-2Amending Resolution 2007-1; Board of Trustees' Resignation

Resolution 2007-1Board of Trustees' Resignation
Resolution 2007-2Utility Manager Employment Agreement

Ordinance 2007-3Fixed Asset Capitalization Policy
Ordinance 2007-4Procurement Card Usage
Ordinance 2007-5Unclaimed Water Meter Deposits
Ordinance 2006-1Amending Ordinance 2003-1; Miscellaneous Fees
Ordinance 2006-2Amending Ordinance 2004-6; Water Rates
Ordinance 2005-1Requires All Utility Accounts be held by the Property Owners
Ordinance 2005-2Authorizing IDEM Petition to Remove Territory

Resolution 2005-1Approval of the Hayden Preliminary Engineering Report (PER)
Resolution 2005-2Corporate Authorization Resolution for Home Federal Bank
Resolution 2005-3Preliminary Bond Resolution
Resolution 2005-4Approval of Wastewater Treatment Facility PER
Ordinance 2004-1Phase I - No Forced Sewers by District
Ordinance 2004-2Amending Ordinance 2002-4; Note Refunding
Ordinance 2004-3Amending Ordinance 2002-3; Sewage Rates
Ordinance 2004-4Amending Ordinance 2002-4; Note Refunding
Ordinance 2004-5(TABLED)
Ordinance 2004-6Amending Ordinance 2000-1; Water Rates
Ordinance 2003-1Establish Miscellaneous Fees
Ordinance 2003-2Water Use Ordinance
Ordinance 2003-3Sewer Use Ordinance
Ordinance 2002-3Amending Ordinance 1998-4; Sewer Rates
Ordinance 2002-4Refunding 1999 Sewage Works BANs
Ordinance 2002-5Extension of Time to Repay 1999 Sewage Works BANs

Resolution 2002-1PER Report for $5.8 Million BAN
Resolution 2002-2SRF Loan Application for $5.8 Million BAN
Ordinance 2000-1Amending Ordinance 1998-4; Rates
Ordinance 1998-1Amending Ordinance 1997-1; Tap Fee
Ordinance 1998-2Amending Ordinance 1997-3; Rates
Ordinance 1998-3Enlarging & Construction of Wastewater Treatment & Collection System
Ordinance 1998-4Amending Ordinance 1998-2; Rates
Ordinance 1997-1Establishing Tap Fee
Ordinance 1997-2Establishing Availability Fees
Ordinance 1997-3Establishing Rates
Ordinance 1997-4Acquisition & Improvements to Wastewater Collection & Treatment System
Ordinance 1997-5Acquisition & Improvements to Water Distribution System
Ordinance 1997-6Amending Ordinance 1997-4; Acquisition
Ordinance 1997-7Amending Ordinance 1997-5; Acquisition