What services do you offer?
We provide publicly owned water and wastewater utility service.

What is required to turn service on?
1.   Account Setup/Reconnection fee of $25.00
2.   Service Request Application or Reconnect Form signed in the Utilities Office.
3.   A copy of the warranty deed.
4.   You must be the deeded property owner to connect service and present the following:
  • A copy of the warranty deed
  • Service Address
  • Turn on date
  • Name of responsible party
  • Mailing address
  • Daytime phone number
  • Driver's license or Picture identification
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Marital status: If married, spouse's name plus all of the above information.
What must I have to have service turned off?
A signed Disconnection Notice containing the following:
  • Service Address
  • Disconnection date
  • Name of responsible party
  • Mailing address
How many days in advance do I need to have service turned on/off?
We advise coming to the office at least two (2) days in advance to accommodate your desired date.

Will I be required to pay a deposit? If so, how much will it be?
You may be required to pay a deposit. Deposits are required for property owners who can not present a twelve (12) month history from a prior utility. For residential customers, the deposit amounts are:
  • Water service - $75.00
  • Sewer service - $125.00
When will the deposit be refunded?
Deposits are refunded after the customer has paid bills for 12 consecutive months in a timely manner or if service is disconnected. Deposits may be applied to the account or refunded 45 days after the request is approved.

How are wastewater charges calculated if there is not a meter on my sewer line?
Wastewater charges are calculated based on the amount of potable (drinking quality) water that you use.

What methods of payment do you accept?
There are several options you may use when paying your utility bill. They include:
  • Cash (in office)
  • Visa/MasterCard (Office, Online, Telephone)
  • Checks
  • Money Order / Cashier checks
Where do I mail my payment?
Payments can be mailed to:
Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities
P.O. Box 18
North Vernon, IN 47265

Where is your Night Drop located?
Our Night Drop Box is located at the Country Squire Lakes exit near the guard shack. It is the white box with the JNRU logo and web address on it.

If the bill is not paid, will service be disconnected?
If payment is not received by the 22nd of the month a $50.00 Fee for Nonpayment will be applied to the account and service will be disconnected the following business day.

What if I cannot pay my bill by the shut off date?
Each property owner is allowed a six day extension one time per calendar year. Any extension agreements must be made prior to the Disconnect Date. All exceptions must be presented to the Board of Trustees in writing.

Do the meter readers really read my meter, or do they just "take a guess" at my usage?
The water meters are read every month with very few exceptions. Occasionally, a bill may be estimated due to obstacles that prevent us from reading the meters, including a locked gate, vehicles parked over the meter pit, vicious animals in the yard or extended periods of severe weather.

When can I fill my swimming pool?
Each year the Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities Board of Trustees designates a three to four month span when customers are allowed a Summer Watering Adjustment . This is the best and most affordable time of the year to fill your pool.

How does the Summer Watering Program affect my water bill?
An average is calculated for a twelve month period of usage. Amounts over the sewer average are adjusted off the sewage portion of your bill monthly. The adjustment amount can be no less than ten dollars ($10).

What number do I call in an emergency?
Emergency calls can be taken in the office during regular business hours. After hours, during weekends and on holidays, emergency calls should be made to 812.592.3984.

What do I do if I have a Sewer Backup?
If only one fixture (i.e. toilet, tub, sink, etc) is not draining properly, you probably need to contact a plumber to repair a sewer line or fixture in your home. If multiple fixtures are not draining properly, call the Utilities Office at 812.346.5500 during office hours or, call 812.592.3984 if after hours.

Where does our drinking water come from?
Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities buys water from Jennings Water Inc. Jennings Water Inc. processes their water from wells located in Reddington Indiana.

What is an easement?
An easement is the right afforded a person or company to make limited use of another's real property. Utility companies obtain easements for the installation and maintenance of power lines, telephone or television cables, and gas, water, and sewer mains.

How can I get my leaking meter repaired?
Most meter repairs can be done within the same working day. However we try to schedule the repair work at least two (2) days in advance. Should you have any questions or need your meter checked, please call 812.346.5500 to make an appointment.

I see a water leak. How do I get someone to check it out? How long will the water be off?
All main breaks are considered an emergency situation. If sited during office hours (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday), please call the Main Office at 812.346.5500. A repair crew will be dispatched as soon as possible. If sited after hours, please call the emergency number at 812.592.3984.

What part of the service line is the Water Department's responsibility and what part is mine?
Anything beyond the meter pit, which is usually located in the right-of-way or at the property line, is the owner's responsibility. Anything from the meter pit to the main line is Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities' responsibility. Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities is also responsible for the meter itself and its connection.

Why are there locate flags on my property?
Either a neighbor, contractor, or utility company has requested that all the utility lines be marked before any digging is done in your area.

The water pressure in my area is low. Why? Who should I contact?
Possible causes for low pressure in your home or neighborhood might be:

1. Screens on the faucets are plugged
2. A plumbing problem
3. A main break in your area
4. A major fire
5. The main valve at the water meter is off or partially off
6. Water main maintenance or construction work

If experiencing low pressure problems, please contact Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities at 812.346.5500.

Why is the water brown?
Brown water is caused by iron and other materials stirred up in the water mains. This can be caused by a water main break, pulling water from hydrants, crews flushing out hydrants, etc. The water is safe, but do not wash whites, since they will discolor. If you have this occur, we will provide you a product called "Iron Out" that will aid in removing the discoloration. If you are experiencing this problem, simply turn on any COLD WATER FAUCET (do NOT turn on hot water faucet) and let the cold water run for a few minutes. This should help clear out the residue in your service line. If the water does not clear up within 24 hours, please contact Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities at 812.346.5500.

Why is my water cloudy?
If the water is cloudy, it will usually clear up after it sits for a short time. Cloudiness in the water is typically caused by faucet aerators or by air in the distribution lines. However, cloudiness that DOES NOT DISSIPATE may be calcium. If you have this problem, please contact Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities at 812.346.5500.

How do I check for leaks?
Dripping faucets, running toilets, water heater pressure relief valves, water softeners, and outside hoses left running or dripping are found to be the most likely places that leaks are found. Large amounts of water can be lost in a relatively short period of time thru leaks in the home.

How do I spot a leaking toilet?
Toilets are sometimes called "silent" or intermittent leaks because they cannot always be heard. They may run and leak one time, stop, and then start leaking another time. If you think your toilet is leaking you can use the dye test to check. Food coloring works best: use green, red or orange, put a few drops in the tank portion of the toilet - do this at night while not in use - and if the dye is in the bowl portion of the toilet in the morning, the toilet is leaking. This can usually be repaired by replacing the parts inside the toilet tank. These parts can be purchased at any local plumbing supply for a reasonable price.

Who is responsible for a water leak?
In order to find out who is responsible, the meter setter will be turned off by Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities. This determines which side of the meter the leak is on. If the leak stops and it is not inside of the meter pit, it becomes the homeowner's responsibility to have the leak fixed as soon as possible.

Who do I call to locate utility lines before I dig?
Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities is a member of the Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service.

Just call 1.800.382.5544 at least "2 Full Working Days" but not more than 20 calendar days prior to the start of your excavation and they will notify Jennings Northwest Regional Utilities.

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